On Assignment: Accompanying asylum seekers in Christmas Island
15 August 2013
Christmas Island, 15 August 2013 — JRS pastoral care worker Sr Dorothy Bayliss has written to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd inviting him to visit Christmas Island, “just to sit for a couple of hours and to hear the asylum seekers’ stories”. Often the only pastoral care worker on Christmas Island, she accompanies people living in the camps, talks to them, listens, sits with them as they cry, helps them with simple requests.

Indonesia: God is Calling Us through These People
05 August 2013
Yogyakarta,6 August 2013 –“Struck and shocked by the plight of thousands of boat people (from Vietnam) and refugees, I felt it my duty to send cable messages to some 20 Major Superiors around the world. Sharing my distress with them, I asked what they in their countries and the universal Society could do to bring at least some relief to such a tragic situation,” wrote Father Pedro Arrupe SJ to Major Superiors of the Society of Jesus on November 14th, 1980.

Regional Director's Letter - Songkran 2013: With water we bless others
09 April 2013
Bangkok, 12 April 2013 — From January to May in Asia Pacific, we celebrate three New Year festivals. On 1 January, is the internationally recognised Roman calendar New Year celebration, marked by midnight fireworks. Then the Lunar Chinese and Vietnamese New Year (which this year fell on 11 February, 2013) lights up the night sky with red lanterns and the famous dragon dances.

Regional Director's Letter- Easter 2013: In the Silence, Renewed Commitment
28 March 2013
Bangkok, 28 March 2013 — As Holy Week for 2013 began this year on Sunday 24 March, here in Bangkok we heard about the fire in Ban Mae Surin, a refugee camp home to 3,000 Karenni and Karen refugees in Mae Hong Son province.

All that is not given is lost
10 January 2013
Chennai, 10 January 2013 – Pierre Ceyrac SJ died early on 30 May 2012 in Chennai at the age of 98. Pierre served with JRS in the camps of Cambodian refugees in Thailand from the early 1980s, indeed since the beginning of JRS. When Pierre died, a former JRS worker wrote, "an era of compassion without borders ends".

Cambodia: Isolated by water and ethnicity 
09 December 2012
Phnom Penh, 10 December 2012 — On the 25th of October, JRS Cambodia, in collaboration with the ECCC Civil Party Lawyers, and sponsored by the Open Society Foundation, presented the findings of a research project spotlighting populations at risk of statelessness in Cambodia. 

Thailand: JRS nurse works around the clock
27 August 2012
Bangkok, 27 August 2012 – Being a nurse in a detention centre is gruelling work, but the rewards are worth it. Just ask Vatchareeya Thanyaananphol, who has been working with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) for 16 years at the Suan Phlu Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok (IDC).

Thailand: Finding the strength to accompany
25 July 2011
Mae Hong Son, 26 July 2011 – Every day in the Ban Mai NaiSoi refugee camp is different. I am simply amazed by how the Lord leads me, as a JRS worker, to persons who needs some help and enables me to respond to them and allowing the JRS mission come to life among our refugee brothers and sisters in the camps. I want to write about my work, but instead I will recount just one day working in the camp.

Australia: Detention alternatives affect families
11 March 2011
It’s a typical Australian summer scene: a little boy named Mustafa plays cricket on the driveway, his mother peels mandarins in the shade, his baby sister coos close by. Mustafa’s ball rolls under the fence, and he tries to squeeze through the small space to retrieve it. His mother cries out in alarm, for he is not allowed to venture outside alone, even if she were to give him the go-ahead.

A Discussion with Denise Coghlan, RSM, Director, Jesuit Refugee Service Cambodia
02 March 2011
Sister Denise reflects on her 20+ years working in Cambodia and how she is motivated by her faith and a sense of justice. She highlights the challenges facing people with disabilities, of post-conflict reconciliation, and rebuilding trust. She also discusses the legacy of the Khmer Rouge in relation to families and society in Cambodia today.

Thailand: A new way of being present
06 December 2009
Mae Hong Son, 6 December 2010 – When I was a novice in Scotland many years ago, our novice master faced the challenges of directing young men in the Jesuit way of life, but at a time when the world and the Church were going through profound changes. The end of the 1960s brought the Paris revolution of the young, and the Church was still grappling with the implications of its engagement with the world after Vatican II.