Other JRS Publications

This section provides access to a variety of publications from Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific and the international office. You can find annual reports; Diakonia our regional publication; Servir our international quarterly magazine on issues affecting refugees and forcibly displaced persons and; books, research reports and other material by JRS.

Refuge - Sept 2015
Newsletter from JRS Indonesia
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Refuge- June 2015

Newsletter from JRS Indonesia

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Refuge - Mar 2015
Newsletter from JRS Indonesia
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Refuge - Dec 2014
Newsletter from JRS Indonesia
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Refuge - Sep 2014
Newsletter from JRS Indonesia
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Refuge - June 2014
JRS Refuge - June 2014
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Refuge - Sept 2013
* What We Can Learn from Asylum Seekers in Detention
* Forgotten Promises: A Former Refugee Still Struggling to Rebuild His Life
* Immigration Detention is No Place for Children
* Even One Woman Displaced is Too Many!

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Refuge - June 2013
* Under God’s Wings of Protection
* When Differences Disappear
* A Life Changing Experience
* A Dream of Cinderella’s Dress
* JRS Indonesia Accompaniment to Refugees and Asylum Seekers 2013
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Refuge - March 2013
* Hospitality as Remedy
* The First Encounter, The Precious Lesson
* Stop Detention of Children
* Lesson about Hope
* Dreams in The Land of Hope
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Refuge - Dec 2012
* Our Day is Different with Your Presence
* The Courage It Takes To Be a Mother
* I Can Not Return Home
* I Don't Want To Be Punished Anymore Just Because of my Looks and Religion
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Refuge - Sept 2012
* Learning to Respect Life from Refugees’ Experiences
* JRS’ Training on Legal Advice for Asylum Seekers
* May The Seeds Flourish
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Refuge - June 2012
* Impressions and Reflections on World Refugee Day
* When Hope is all that Remains
* Making the Daily Foods are available
* Children Learn What they Live
* Pearls of Life
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Refuge - March 2012
In this issue - Building an immigration detention 'home', the increasing vulnerability of asylum seekers in Jakarta and hardships faced by displaced women, and reflections on accompaniment from the Country Director of Indonesia.
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Refuge - October 2011

In this issue - displacement prevention and response programme, JRS' view on empowerment, living values education at Alur Mas State Primary School, Earthquakes and reflections from staff.

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Refuge - May 2011
USA ban landmines and cluster munitions, a reflection of years with JRS Indonesia, alternatives to detention
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Refuge - April 2011

Updating on recent situation of the "East Timorese" in West Timor, Indonesia;
Sharing our service to the urban refugees & asylum seekers (mainly women and children)in Cisarua, West Java;
Accompanying the Aceh Selatan Government and stakeholders in preparing "Qanun" (Islamic law) to promote and to implement risk disaster reduction.
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Refuge - January 2011
Update on Mt Merapi displacement, reflections on JRS Indonesia work in 2010

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Refuge - June 2010
Efforts in Aceh

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Refuge February, 2010
An update on activities of JRS in Indonesia.

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